• Mantle vase

    Mantle vase

    33.5 cm ht x 24 cm diamWood-fired with celadon and shino glazes

  • 1PK_vase_2_little_handles


  • 1PK_vase_2_little_handles


  • Wood-fired Vase

    Wood-fired Vase

    Shino and Opal Blue Glaze with "bits" of feldspar from Shigaraki

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  • Wood-fired Shino Family

    Wood-fired Shino Family

    Shino slip embedded with bits of Shigaraki feldsparHt 17 cm

  • Wood-fired Sake Set

    Wood-fired Sake Set

    Shino slip and glaze with Oribe accentHt 14 cm

  • Two Wood-fired Ewers

    Two Wood-fired Ewers

    Shino glaze liner with ash sprinkledHt 15 cm

  • Shigaraki Jar

    Shigaraki Jar

    Wood-fired with shino glazesKissed by a cone-pack Ht 34 cm

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  • I put me in the picture to show the scale.

    I put me in the picture to show the scale.

    Photo taken in the showroom of my studio in Ingersoll.

  • Shigaraki Round Wood-fired Vase

    Shigaraki Round Wood-fired Vase

    Shino slip & glazes sprinkled with ash & ash glazeHt 34 cm

  • Porcelain Chawan Teacup

    Porcelain Chawan Teacup

    Fired in reduction with Shino GlazeHt 8 cm

  • Samurai Lidded Jar

    Samurai Lidded Jar

    Wood-fired with crystallized shino glazes

  • Shino Bubble Cups

    Shino Bubble Cups

    Handbuilt with stoneware Ht 13 cmFired in reduction gas kiln

  • Shino Teapot with Base

    Shino Teapot with Base

    Wood-fired with Shino glazes and Helmer slipHt 10 cm

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